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PARKING: 300 meters from Street Food Vejle you will find the parking house Trondur, where there is free parking for 2 hours.* See link for parking in Vejle : CLICK HERE

*Street Food Vejle is not responsible for parking or change conditions in relation to parking.


RESERVATION: If you wish to visit us in a larger group, you are more than welcome to contact us on TLF: + 45 31 63 19 14 to hear more of the possibilities.


STREET COINS: Street Coins is Street Foods own currency and can be used in all of the food stalls. It can be used as a gift card or if you come in a larger group. Purchase them in the bar.


FOOD AND DRINKS: It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks at Street Food Vejle.


FORGOTTEN PIECES: Did you forget something? Approach the bar at Street Food Vejle or give us a call to ask if we found it: + 45 31 63 19 14


NEW FOOD STALLS: Do you wish to have a food stall and be a member of Street Food Vejle? We are always interested in what you can offer. Send us an email at At the moment we do not have any available.


DOGS: Dog in a leash is welcome at our terrace at Street Food Vejle.

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